Belly & Brain Ground Control

by Tim


Belly & Brain has developed a special screening process to select panels through online media: Belly & Brain Ground Control.

Get deep, actionable and provocative consumer insights 24/7.

Belly & Brain Ground Control represents ongoing online and offline panel research for brands. Objective and qualitative. We have developed a special screening process to select panels through online media. Those panels match the brands persona or aspired persona’s and will be connected to our research dashboards. Our team will be in touch with the panels 24/7. This allows us to conduct ongoing brand research for any client on subjects like:

Lifestyle behaviour
What are their concerns, where do they spend time, what events do they visit, which influencers do they dig, which other brands do they follow etc.?

The brand and its competitors
How do other brands operate? How does that make the consumer feel? What do they like and dislike about that?

Communication and campaign insights (or pre-campaign insights)
What do you think of our campaign idea? Challenge the brand communication by pre-testing it within the panels.

Online experience research
How does the consumer experience the brands behavior and presence online? And the website?

As a result, brands get a valuable stream of fresh insights that help to make strategical brand and business choices, create better briefings, help campaign ideation, packaging, future trends, etc.

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